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 Dudül Dorje Rinpoche a reçu
Sa Sainteté Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoché
(à la tête de la lignée Drikung)
dans son centre situé en Seine & Marne (1h30 de Paris)
le vendredi 1er novembre

C'est la seconde fois qu'il reçoit Sa Sainteté en France.

Sa première visite date de 2002, dans son centre à Paris puis en Seine & Marne.

C’est le monde de l’art et du théâtre qui est la première famille de Bernard Ortega. Elève du Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique, puis professeur à l’American Center (où il affirmera ses dons de pédagogue) puis metteur en scène et auteur dramatique. Le Japon sera sa première destination vers l’Asie avec l’Aïkido et Maître Noro. Il découvrira le Ladakh et le bouddhisme himalayen en 1981.Quelques années plus tard, il rencontre son futur maître H.E Togdan Rinpoche, Head Lama du Ladakh. Très vite, celui-ci lui demande d’être président de son centre en France en 1990 (le premier centre de la lignée Drikung Kagyu).Il ne pourra échapper à son destin car dix ans plus tard Rinpoche lui transmet son titre de lama. H.E. Togdan Rinpoche lui confère le nom de Düdul Dorje (celui qui détourne les obstacles), le même nom que celui d'un lama, responsable du monastère de Terdrom (Tibet), dont il est la réincarnation.Il recevra ensuite les maîtres les plus importants du bouddhisme tantrique tibétain dont Sa Sainteté en 2002.

Contact : Bernard Ortega - Centre Drikung Ratna Shri > drikungkagyuRatnaShri-france@outlook.fr
Dudül Dorje Rinpoche (Bernard Ortega) will have the joy of welcoming His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche (at the head of the Drikung lineage) in his center located in Seine & Marne (1h30 from Paris) on November 1st.

This is the second time that he receives His Holiness in France. His first visit dates from 2002, in his center in Paris then in Seine & Marne.
° Teaching about great compassion.
° Initiation of Chenrezik with 4 arms and a thousand arms (Buddha of Compassion)
The event will take place between 11am and 5pm. The precise schedule remain to be confirmed.

To ask his Holiness to express himself on compassion and to give Chenrezik's initiation appeared to me to be obvious and adapted. Is not it said that it is one of Chenrezik's emanations?
At a time when intolerance, judgment, withdrawal are latent how not to make everyone understand that only the opening of the heart and the compassion for the beings will destroy the roots of the ego, the source of all the evils.

"You have to assert yourself," you hammer everywhere to motivate your confidence or your leadership. As if assertiveness should develop the gaze on his navel and ignore the other. While the new world seeks meaning, respect for others, respect for their environment.

If we are "sick", "depressed", "alone", it is because of this hypertrophy of the "me", the "ego". Only sharing and great compassion can annihilate the latter.
This event aims to gather around a theme that speaks to all: kindness, openness of the heart, love. All those who are looking for meaning, joy, inspiration are invited to join us.

Center Drikung Ratna Shri
at Domaine de Toussacq (on the D411)
77480 Villenauxe-la-petite (Seine & Marne)
Access & map:

20 euros per person minimum ; additional gift for those who can
For people in difficulty: free participation
It is the world of art and theater that is the first family of Bernard Ortega. Student of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, then professor at the American Center (where he will affirm his teaching skills) then director and playwright. Japan will be its first destination to Asia with Aikido and Master Noro. He will discover Ladakh and Himalayan Buddhism in 1981.
A few years later, he meets his future master H.E Togdan Rinpoche, Head Lama of Ladakh. Very quickly, this one asks him to be president of his center in France in 1990 (the first center of the Drikung Kagyu lineage).
He will not be able to escape his destiny because ten years later Rinpoche gives him his title of llama. H.E. Togdan Rinpoche gives him the name of Düdul Dorje (the one who diverts the obstacles), the same name as that of a lama, responsible for the monastery of Terdrom (Tibet), of which he is the reincarnation.
He will then receive the most important teachers of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, including His Holiness in 2002.

Contact : Bernard Ortega - Centre Drikung Ratna Shri > drikungkagyuRatnaShri-france@outlook.fr